Somos capaces de ofrecer informes contables y puntuales precisos aprovechando nuestra amplia experiencia, habilidades técnicas y flexibilidad en nuestras soluciones. Creemos en nuestras capacidades y actuamos con confianza en una transparencia total que ofrece a nuestros clientes un acceso seguro en línea a nuestra plataforma de contabilidad.

Estamos comprometidos con nuestra relación.

  • Accounting in line with local legislation and tax ruling;
  • Paper and digital archive of all documentation received;
  • Enhanced traceability solution by incorporating Group accounting referencing;
  • Analytical accounting through cost centres accounting.
  • Local formal reporting to the State including COPE (Bank of Portugal);
  • Group reporting taking into consideration structure and requirements;
  • Possibility to present key financial performance indicators.
  • View access to accounting platform;
  • View and input access to accounting platform;
  • Access to specific Client drive where scanned documents are saved and made available.
  • Multi country accounting;
  • Multi country reporting.