We are able to deliver accurate accounting and timely reporting by drawing from our extensive experience, technical skills and flexibility in our solutions. We believe in our capabilities and confidently act in full transparency offering to our clients secure online access to our accounting platform.

We are committed to our relationship.

  • Accounting in line with local legislation and tax ruling;
  • Paper and digital archive of all documentation received;
  • Enhanced traceability solution by incorporating Group accounting referencing;
  • Analytical accounting through cost centres accounting.
  • Local formal reporting to the State including COPE (Bank of Portugal);
  • Group reporting taking into consideration structure and requirements;
  • Possibility to present key financial performance indicators.
  • View access to accounting platform;
  • View and input access to accounting platform;
  • Access to specific Client drive where scanned documents are saved and made available.
  • Multi country accounting;
  • Multi country reporting.