As Certified Accountants, we take on the responsibility to keep your Company in full compliance. We are informed and keep you informed of the latest legislation so as to better manage your taxes and all other obligations derived from your company’s activity.

We manage risk but are not risk takers.

  • Local VAT reporting in line with current legislation based on the accounts we hold on your behalf;
  • VAT Register for non-resident entities with sales in Portugal;
  • SAF-T declaration;
  • Management of VAT reimbursement requests.
  • Employees payroll generated withholdings;
  • Management of withholdings derived from professional fees invoiced to the company;
  • Management of the claim form for repayment of portuguese tax of other income under the Convention for avoidance of Double Taxation;
  • Corporate Income Tax return;
  • Yearly Accounts called Informação Empresarial Simplificada which aims to comply with yearly obligations set by the Tax Authorities, Registrar Office, Bank of Portugal and the National Statistics Institute.
  • All other returns and obligations derived from your activities in Portugal.
  • Group compliance reporting;
  • Group audit support.